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Liberty says…Temperament Tests are Done!

The humans finished the temperament tests on the rest of the litter last night.  Thanks to our friends at Embark for helping out and letting us use the back room for the testing. Also we want to thank Sue from MVP Goldens for administering the test to the last 5 pups.  

You can see the results to the test on the pup’s individual pages. Red Boy, Purple Girl, Blue Girl, Green Girl, Orange Girl.  You can link to all the pups pages from the litter page here. If you are wondering what the scores mean and how to interpret them, check out our page on the Temperament Tests for more information about what goes into one and what all the numbers mean. 

Dad worked on the videos last night after they got back and managed to get a couple done and posted to YouTube and on the pups pages.  Black Boy and Yellow Boy have their videos up.  He hopes to get the majority of the rest done tonight.