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Liberty Says….Puppy update!

So all the temperament tests are done and the videos are posted.  You can see them on the pup’s individual pages, or on the Youtube channel.  
Some of the new families have already picked out names.  The black collared female is now Bailey…maybe.  Purple collared girl is now Kacy.  Blue collared male is going to be Sporty and Green collared female is Ember.  Orange collared girl’s new family are still trying to decide.  Yellow collared male will be Duck.
We can’t wait to start seeing pictures of the pup’s settling into their new families and homes.  
There are still some available at the time of this post.  Head over to the Contact Us page on the website or the facebook page and send us a message.
In case anyone needs a reminder about how cute these little ones are….I’ll just leave this video here.