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Amber and Ledger Puppies 2019

Brigadoon Goldens is excited to announce a litter of performance purebred  Golden Retrievers.

Brigadoon Goldens Starlite Amber Waves of Grain CGC, TKN “Amber”withMaster’s Why So Serious CGC, TKN “Ledger”
Amber’s Ledger’s

View the test breeding pedigree here
Pedigree_ Amber x Ledger

July 18th Update
Took Amber to see the vet today to get an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.  We are very happy to say that it is confirmed, Amber will be having puppies in just about a month.  
If you are interested in knowing more about the puppies or are considering adding a Golden to your home, please check out our Puppy Questionnaire.

Ultrasound picture 1.
Ultrasound picture 2.

About Amber and Ledger

October Update.
Normally these updates come a lot quicker and more frequent when we have a litter, but this litter is a bit different.  

Now, only a few days away from the go home date, I’m just now getting to updating the site.

On August 17th, Amber’s litter arrived, all two of them.  That’s right, just two puppies.  This was a first for us, having such a small litter.  It presented us with some different advantages and challenges than previous litters.

One advantage was that both of the pups had already been spoken for.  

For previous litters, the website and the pictures and videos that we would post would serve as advertising to help get the word out and find homes for all our pups.  With both of them being spoken for before they even arrived, that extra advertising wasn’t needed and the pressure to get media published was lifted.  

Now it is time to fix that issue and get some pictures and video posted.

Yesterday we ran both of the pups through the temperament testing.  Those videos will be available shortly.  It is always interesting to have them evaluated and see how they respond to someone that is new to them.  Both of them tested just fine and will make wonderful additions to their new homes.