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Liberty Says…First NCL results are back

Our human mom and dad did another couple tests recently.  They sent samples from Astra and Luna in to test for Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis, or NCL.  This is new, and very scary, issue that has come up in the Golden Retriever breeding groups.  You can read more about NCL on the OFA website here.

In order to ensure that we would not be passing down the possibility of this disorder to any of the puppies, we wanted to test to make sure.  

We are very happy to announce that both Luna and Astra have tested as Clear for NCL.  We have also learned that the stud used for Astra’s last litter, Magic, is also a Clear. 

This is very good news.  We will be testing Amber and Cali soon as well and will update on their results when we get them.

Astra NCL Cert

Luna NCL cert