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MVP Lady Libertys Aurora Borealis JH, CGC    “Liberty”

Born: 7/5/2008
Gender: Female
Registration: AKC SR51055007
Required Tests
Elbow: OFA GR-EL22982F26-VPI
Hips: OFA GR-101659G26F-VPI
Cardiac: OFA GR-CA19138/30F/C-VPI
Meet Liberty. She is a performance bred Golden Retriever. Liberty, or Libby, has a red coat and a lean frame weighing in at about 50lbs. She is at home just about anywhere from the pheasant fields to the couch. Liberty is an accomplished hunter, holding an AKC Junior Hunting title, currently one pass in the HRC novice hunt test, and has many pheasant seasons under her collar, both here in Wisconsin and in Iowa. Liberty also likes to stretch her legs running agility for fun. Libby loves to work as a therapy/comfort dog, having logged many hours at a local Veteran’s home and the local University. She enjoys sucking up all the attention and pets while doing therapy dog work just about as much as she does making retrieves. Liberty is also an accomplished mother, having now had three litters of puppies.