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Astra and Magic Litter 2018

Black Boy Bailey (Black Girl) Red Boy Red Girl Sporty (Blue Boy)
Blue Girl Duck (Yellow Boy) Kacy (Purple Girl) Annie (Orange Girl) Ember (Green Girl)

It is official!
Astra will have a litter of puppies this July.
Brigadoons Old Glory’s Shooting Star x Windrush’s Magical Mystery Tour

We are very excited about this litter.  For this litter we have chosen Chuck Ward’s Magic as a stud dog.
You can see Magic’s page here.
Magic has a track record with us already of throwing some nice pups.  In fact, he is the sire of our Luna.
We are hoping his high drive and performance build adds to and compliments Astra’s.
Keep checking back for more information, updates and of course, pictures.

Test Breeding: Click here for test breeding between Astra and Magic
While genetic information is not available at the time of this posting, a test breeding between Amber, Astra’s litter mate sister, and Magic was done and the 10 Generation Coefficient of Inbreeding was: 1.48% (breed average is 8.54%)
Pedigree_ Astra and Magic puppies

July 9th, 2018 Update
Astra had her x-ray appointment today. 
The vet and the techs count 10 or 11 puppies.
Her expected due date is still a couple days away, but we are watching her closely in case she delivers a few days early.  

July 11th Update
They’re here.  Astra is one tired momma, but we have 11 healthy puppies.  Four boys and seven girls.

July 13th Update
We have some unfortunate news.  One of our pups has died.  These thing happen when breeding dogs, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  It appears that she got stuck under mom while asleep.

July 25th Update
Got some more pictures to post.  They are getting bigger every day.

August 5 update
Another batch of pictures.

August 11 Update
Another first for the pups.  They spent some time outside playing today.  They like the water.

August 19 Update
Another day playing outside.  Today the pups got to meet all sorts of new people.

August 22th Update

August 29th Update
We got 5 of the pups through their temperament tests.  You can see the results for Black Boy, Blue Boy, Yellow Boy, Black Girl and Red Girl on their individual pages.  The tests were recorded and as soon as we can get the videos edited and loaded they will be posted too.

September 11 update
Some puppies are still available.  So far Bailey (black girl), Kacy (purple girl), Sporty (blue boy) and Annie (orange girl), have all gone home to their new families.  Next week, Ember (green girl) and Duck (yellow boy) head to their new homes.