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Liberty Says…The First 5 Temperament Tests are Done

The first group of pups have finished their temperament tests.  Astra’s litter is the biggest we have ever had and it was proving difficult to find the time to do them all at once.  They were split into two groups and half was done last night and half will be done tonight.  Thanks to our friends at Embark for helping out again. 

You can see the results to the test on the pup’s individual pages.  Black Boy, Blue Boy, Yellow Boy, Black Girl, Red Girl.  If you are wondering what the scores mean and how to interpret them, check out our page on the Temperament Tests for more information about what goes into one and what all the numbers mean. 

Again, the tests were recorded, but processing the videos takes time that the humans ran out of last night.  As soon as the videos are ready, they will be posted.