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About Us

Welcome to Brigadoon Goldens


We are a small breeder of performance bred Golden Retrievers in West Central Wisconsin. Our dogs are versatile. At home in the hunting field, agility ring, doing therapy work or on the couch, our dogs will do it all.IMG_20141031_102733770

While not exactly by design, our dogs trend on the small side of breed standard.  This has proven to be a positive in many ways.  We have found the smaller sized dogs have a lot of drive and stamina while are a good fit as house pets as well.

Golden Retrievers vary in color from light cream or blond color to a dark red.  Our girls range across the spectrum.  Liberty, now retired from breeding, is on the darker end of the spectrum, but has had puppies from all across the range. Her daughters, Astra and Amber, are a deep golden and a blond color respectively.  Luna is very dark red, almost auburn.  Luna’s daughter Cali is blond like Amber.