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Liberty says…the grand babies are going away.

The time has come where the babies start to go home. Some of the grand babies have gone to their furever homes and there are a couple that are claimed but just waiting for a time to pick up.

So far, the little Lime Green girl, who Mom says is now named Rigley, when home last week. Her new family had one of my puppies from my first litter, Rosey. I’m sure they will love Rigley as much as they did Rosey. Today Mom and Dad took me and Astra to meet the red girl’s new human mom. I got a car ride and pets from new humans.

Then this afternoon, Mom and Dad took some of the babies and Astra to another furever home where the family choose yellow girl and apparently named her Ruby. They have two small humans, some kitties, and……chickens. She’s so lucky.

They say green boy and blue with white boy will be headed home sometime soon too. They also say that the orange girl isn’t going anywhere and will be joining our pack. I really don’t care how small or cute they think she is, I still call shotgun.

Dad updated the webpage with some availability information and has gotten all the aptitude test videos done and uploaded to Youtube and linked to the babies’ pages. You can find all the information on the litter page. Check them out and let Mom and Dad know if you are interested in one of the boys that are left.