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Goldens were bred to be retrievers for bird hunting.  The Brigadoon girls are accomplished hunters, having chased pheasants in Wisconsin and Iowa. The smaller stature of our girls ensures that they have the stamina to hunt all day.


While our girls love the pheasant fields, Golden Retrievers are versatile dogs and are equally capable waterfowl retrievers.  Our girls love the water and making water retrieves.

We have found that the easy going nature of our girls also means that they will hunt for just about anyone that they trust.  It is not uncommon to find one of them out in front of one of the other hunters in our group and they will even retrieve birds to them, if they feel like it.

While their small size is great for the all day hunts, it does limit them in really thick, heavy cover.  But their size is a great bonus if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to lift one of them over a fence.  And before you ask, yes I’ve had to do that before.

Our girls are trained to be easy going and non reactive, which means that they will get along with other dogs in the hunting party.  This means no dog fights, at least none started by our girls.  Another great aspect of the loving nature of our girls is they help you relax and provide entertainment on those multi-day hunts.  How can a dog that curls up in the camp chair at the end of the day to nap not be entertaining?